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Pricing Information

Below are the pricing for the various services we offer

We offer bespoke web design services, these include Graphic Design, Online Multimedia delivery as well as General Coding for websites. Costs vary depending on the nature and extent of the particular service requested.

Rush Delivery & Payment Terms

  • We accept all type of payments
  • Product Delivery in Soft & Hardcopy
  • No Setup Charges
  • No Extra charges for Installation

S.No Features Prices
1. Logo Designing - Silver Plan
20 Concepts and 30 Revisions for the final design.
2. Icons Designing - Advanced Designing
3 Concepts and 4 Revisions for each icon.
3. PSD Template – Professional Design
  • 1 Main page with jQuery Slider Background
  • 2 Styled Subpages and 2 Revisions for final product
4. PSD Template - Basic Designing (Clean Layout)
  • 1 Main page, and 1 Subpage, and 2 Revisions for final product
5. Browser Compactibility
IE 6/ IE7 / IE8 / FF3.0/ Safari

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